Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sacred spring of Light

Your Sweet touch of Light
Enhances the vibration of that nectar of the Gods
A shimmering dance of colors promised
And seen through the stained glass frames of time

Ah the magic of the rainbow
 will stop you everytime
and make you look and wonder
if that beauty is present when you reach the other shore

Oh you precious dance of energy
You spinning swirling dream
Not for the mind to define
But the gift of Spirit’s grace

And when the watch stops ticking
And you know it will in time
There comes a magic moment
impossible for the words to find

and so it holds and captivates us
and so we ask for more
and in the very asking we forget
that it is in us in this sacred place

Realm upon realm
Veils that cover and hide
Are sometimes lifted gently
For us to slip on through

Your sweet touch of life
a gift that feeds my soul
Bubbles from the sacred spring of life