Friday, June 6, 2014


Oh these gifts from heaven
That the angels so sweetly bring
Blessing from the ones of Light
That whisper softly in a dream

They bring the Sacred music
and stand in Silence and watch the way
And guide the journey onward
And whisper secrets to my soul each day

Oh these spirit Guides and Guardians
That last through lifetimes here
And all the blessed masters
Who wait til we’re ready and then they appear

Oh these Angel Blessings
That come from somewhere above
And bring such a grace and mercy
And return me to God’s love

I humbly offer my gratitude
For all you bring to my life
These mystic visions and memories
That lift me to the soul’s light

There are so many ways you reach me
It seems your there whenever I need
And if I should be low in energy
You lift me up to be renewed and freed

I am so thankful
For your miracles you bring
And I can only offer you these humble words
As heartfelt appreciation for these gifts in everything