Saturday, June 7, 2014

I am with you always

I am Here, Always
In every breath you take
And if the mind is doubting
Do not the peace forsake

I am Here beside you
Always waiting there inside
In the very presence
when you seek that you will find

So breathe in the very Spirit
Breathe in the actual light
Be in that Holy Presence
Of that Love that is Divine

For I am with you always
With the Ones who serve the way
And there is a Sacred space
That is waiting for you when you pray

Do not doubt or worry
If the clouds block out the sun
But know that somewhere it shines
Upon your soul from the One

So take a few moments
To be quiet and go within
And be in that sacred silence
And renew the connection without end

For I am here beloved
Remember that promise that was made
I am with you always
Until the end of days