Sunday, June 8, 2014

Basket of Dreams

Beyond the clouds.
I think I saw glimpses a woven basket
 holding life's secrets and those wayward thoughts

tempting me to try to reach the morsels of possibilities
as I gather the blessings hidden in my soul so full
that I can plant the seeds of excess in holes
hallowed by the Pillars of time
 that fall with forgotten memories

And the impact of the fall hollows out a hole
A place to leave a note or two
 of past and present energy to grow
as a hope of remains of truth
put in a place with this fantasy
 of a basket brought now to this strange planet
as it’s final resting place

built with blood, bones,
 greed and glory
fear and truth,
and this strange mix of spirit and man.

Now fleeting dreams
Gone to the grace of life
And what it takes to create a legacy