Monday, June 9, 2014

Something Sweet

Something Sweet
Passes by in a look of hope
An understanding past suffering
And these experiences in time

That comes with a fragrance
That lingers and haunts you to the bone
A laughing chance to master the unknown
Letting the terrible responsibility of vision go
For this life is really just space on loan

And something sweet so touches my soul
Prying the possibilities open
To this truth we cannot know
yet wish to believe and ache to trust so

With a blazing sun that feeds us with energy
And more light than is possible to comprehend
With a promise of this sweet something to surrender to
That we can’t possibly capture here
In these moments that seem to magically disappear

So I look at you and see
a mirror into something so sweet
That I wish I could stop and just let it be
Planted in me like one of those palm trees