Tuesday, June 10, 2014

the pool of Joy

Stop and drink from the pool of Joy

As I was walking down the path in the forest
I had so much on my mind
Thoughts of what I had to do
And what needed to be done to help humankind

And the Spirit voices whispered to my soul
Can you feel the Joy that is present right now
For it is here for you to see
And to breathe in and be a part if you allow

And I smiled a little smile
as I continued on my way
and I heard that voice again speak
and ask if I was happy in my heart today

reality checks come in so many ways
and I wondered at the beauty present
and how to drink in the gift nature displays

For even when we walk in paradise
we often are so lost in thought
that we forget to just be happy
and to listen to what spirit has to say

For we can stop and drink from the pool of Joy
And we can renew our soul and energy
And find a little peace
And let ourselves just be
Present with the blessings
 God gives to us in this life
And we can let go of the burdens of heaviness
And let our heart be happy and full of light