Saturday, June 21, 2014

the longest Light

On the day of the longest light
There comes a welcoming of life
With the breath of blessings yet to unfold
With the promise of such sweet things to come

These precious small simple moments
 that always so mysteriously  unfold
these love letters from God
Sent for us to find and behold

The Magic of a rainbow
The blossoming of the golden Ginger flower
The laughter of a child as they see joy
That exists in a look given from the soul

This miraculous life we’re given
To live out while we are here
this reflection of heavens magic
that comes in so magical ways to appear

For this earth and it’s sacred energy
Of  love that’s from the source
The song of life that it brings
The birds that sing at dawn

open up your arms to the sky
and breathe in deep this energy of life
And the treasures and the blessings
That come in so many hidden treasures and delights