Friday, June 20, 2014

The Release

Can you hear the angel Angels whispering to you
As they hold you in their loving arms
Surrender yourself to God Beloved one
And Awaken to the higher realms
That is present when you are ready to move on

Can you release your Mind
Can you let all the thoughts just stop
to be in the presence of the Lord
and the love you have waited a lifetime for.

For there is a heavenly light
And it will hold you
And guide you come what may
And you are surrounded by those who love you
                     You sense their presence as they prepare the way

Surrender yourself to the Master
And let his Blessings come to you
Release all the worry and pain
your struggles are now through

For there is a new light shining
And there is peace that shall prevail
As you journey onward
To a new and brighter day

Can you hear the angels choir singing
As they call you ever on
To the brilliant light that’s there
At the breaking of this blessed new dawn