Thursday, June 19, 2014


Forgive all of the past
And any of the hard lessons
that you learned brought you here
to this present moment of awareness that appears

Forgive the ones who you felt hurt you
And the ones who never cared
Forgive and forgive again
Until only love remains

And then find the core of the heart
With the power to reclaim
The love that can redeem you
And heal the ancient scars and pain

And you can be transformed
For from the winter spring does come
And the blossoms of the new season
bring you reasons to let that past be done

And now is the time to be happy
And now is the time to be free
And now is the time to fulfill your true purpose
And let your new life become your destiny

Emerge from the cause and effect
To the light of a bright new day
And let the Spirit cleanse you
And let Good Will guide your way.

For there is a Breathe of Hope you can breath
And there is the sound of a new song
And there is a new beginning
on this path of eternal light that has begun

If You Could See the Beauty

If you could see the beauty
That surrounds you,
Oh, the heaven you would see.

If you could just listen to the
Voice that calls you,
The song of the universe would sing you free.

If you could know the love
In the light of the world
That is shining through you right now,

Then you would see
Why we believe and hold out
For the greatest gift of all.

It is the shining star of new morning,
It is the new moon of the evening sky,
It is the one great cosmic energy
That flows through you right now.

 It is alive in God and all mankind,
 It unites the world and heaven,
 If we could just let go
 Of the illusion and limitations of it all.

The Maya that we dream
Keeps us always from seeing
The perfection held in God’s scheme.

The beauty of life lives in the purpose
That lives in you and me,
So trust the voice that guides you,
And the light that shines so bright.

Trust the soul and the archetype,
That God’s perfect plan
Is beautiful and right.

Meet Me in Creation’s Fire

Meet me in spirit’s breath of life,
Meet me in the moment the light greets the dawn,
Meet me in the beauty of the amazing grace,
The hope given with each soul in time.

Meet me in Creation’s fire,
And see the redeeming light
That reflects God’s presence in the energy here.
We somehow learn to digest it all
As blessings and love overcome fear.

Look for the light in the distant stars,,,
And find that same light in you
Feel the love that is directing us all
For it’s alive in all we do.

For between each breath,
And within each moment,
There is a magic that is so true.
If you allow yourself to just see it,
The power of God is alive in you.

For each soul carries the secret from the Source,
And in each heart there is the seed of love,
Waiting to blossom as God’s gift,
In this radiant reflection of Creation that is.

In each moment you meet the spirit of life,
And find divine grace,
You find the keys to unlock the love
That is alive in this sacred space.

Cosmic Stardust

We are the cosmic stardust
From the energy of the One,
We are merged with dark and light,
The day and night of the wheel of love.

And from the One who plants the seeds
That grow and bloom with each birth,
There is a little magic that happens,
That brings heaven here to Earth.

Oh, we can breathe the fragrance
Of the flower from the light,
And we can be lifted to heaven,
And remember what matters and what is right.

In every seed of light
Is a power that can grow,
To help those who are in need
To understand, so they can know.

We are the stewards of the garden,
And we understand the plan,
We care for the ones who grow the seeds
From heaven to the garden to feed the souls of man.

We are the gardeners of the cosmic field
Of energy that we were given to know,
We are the stewards of heaven on Earth,
And we can share the harvest from our souls.

The blessings that come from the planting
Of the seeds of the light of our souls,
Can feed the hungry masses
Who are waiting for this pure love to grow

The Song of Life
What is the Song of Life you create with your life?
What brilliant shades of the ethers
Are brought alive in each breath you take
That weave the colors of that magic robe your wear
That feed your soul in the highest realms

What most inspires you
To awaken the calling of this music so profound
That it plays over again and again
 til at last your answers are found

what Lovers of Spirit can be drawn to hear
the secret promises you expose
when you offer up to the World
these precious heavenly sounds

what drives you to the place to reach
and capture the music of the spheres
issued forth from the Creator
that you so desperately need to hear

and how do you find a way to offer your service
at the alter of the highest One
the secret key you’ve found
that opens the door to Presence so profound

what is that melody that calls to your very soul
that is your hearts true song
that you so bravely now expose
with the gifts of these heavenly sounds

and will it satisfy the hunger
and overcome your fears
When you create the anthem that we return to
when our work in life is done here

for you call forth all the Angels
and the Spirit of the Lord
who is the Director of this Symphony
that brings this gift of that music so dear.

And all we can do is Listen in Silence
And all we can do is to be in Awe
At the wonder of the exquisite beauty
And the Power of the Creator behind it all

Face to Face

Face to face with every breath,
One to one my soul with God.
The light is in each living thing,
The Source a force for us to recall.

Cover me in your spirit, Lord,
Be my secret robe,
Let me live your purpose,
To interact with my true role.

Face to face
The Master speaks to me,
With constant lessons
On how to become free.

We are spirits alive in temporary form,
Begging for the truth,
Hiding from what is to be.

So here we live with lessons
That happen in every way,
Reminding me to find myself
 Every single day.

If I take off the mask,
And remove the robe you’ve given me,
What face is in its place?
Do I stand naked, left with nothing but to be?

Face to face with Creation,
Soul to soul I find we’re One,
Joined with all that’s living here on Earth,
Human and God alive, in spite of how we run.

We can pretend that we don’t know
How great this gift can be,
But face to face there is a merging,
And when we merge with God we’re free.