Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Touched by the Hand of God

Touched by the Hand of God

We can stand in the Power of the energy
Of the colors displayed by the rising Sun
as the birds fly on trade winds cross the sky
Such sweet messengers of the Dawn

We can be touched by the Hand of God
For we are a living work of art
We are all created from this divine energy
and the breath of life that it imparts

We are the Living Presence of Spirit
Here in form in this sacred place
A miracle of God’s love
Brought to live here in this time and space

And we can touch the Hand of God
If we just we just believe
The beauty he has created here
As a living work of art to see

That presence of Creative Light
Is here within our souls
And we can but be humbled
By the presence of heaven it shows

And we can feel the joy
That the beauty of creation brings
It inspires us to share it with others
All part of the Spirit that’s alive in everything