Monday, July 21, 2014

a Place of Peace

That place of OK

When your life seems to be spinning out of control
Faster than you can run
With an endless list of things to do
You can go within the soul

Just stop and take a moment
And be in the stillness there within
And be in that place of Peace
Free from the turmoil and schemes

And remember that the Master
Was called the Prince of Peace
For when you are centered in God’s Love
That is the gift that you will bring

For there inside your soul
There is that place of Peace
And it will bring you the light
To guide where you need to go

And with all the challenges you may face
you can always be OK and Know
How to be in that Place of Peace within
And let the Lord be in control

Blessings come in many forms
To many to even know
But if you go into the light
your life will be blessed through and through

SO take a little time
And go to that place inside
                       And join with those who pray
                      And find that place of peace each day

                       Let’s bring God’s Love and Light
Into everything you say and do
And as we live with goodwill in our heart
We can understand how to live together in peace as one