Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Look into the Masters Eyes

Look deep into the Masters Eyes
And see his radiant soul
For there within his gaze you’ll see
the Gift of  understanding to know

There is a scared heart of Love
And you can find a way to be
With a power that can heal you
In that perfect place of peace

Let the Master See into the depths
Of Who you really are
For he knows of your long journey
and the pain that can come when you travel so far

The Sacred Heart of the Master
Has the compassion to forgive
If you can but ask him
His eternal grace he will give

Are you open to receive
There is this great love that awaits you
Can you find a way to believe
That His love will see you through

For he is right there waiting
He will redeem you if you fall
so look in to the Eyes of the Master
He is there with when you call.