Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Merging

How would you merge with spirit
With a breath, with a realization beyond words
How would you merge with spirit
This power within speaks to us and can be heard

It is there in every moment
In every atom of life
It holds the energy of creation
And is alive in our souls pure light

It is there in the very chalice
That powers forth the blessings of love
And you can drink from source that supplies it
And see into the realms from Heaven above

And as we allow the merging
We find that Master within
Is there always to reach us
As we serve a higher purpose we begin again

The merging and the emerging
Can be seen at the break of Dawn
It is there meeting of Dark and Light
And in the visions of  timeless ones

So take a breath of Spirit
And dwell with God’s Blessings of light
And see it at work in everything
When you let love guide you in life