Monday, July 14, 2014

Bringing Heaven to Earth

Allow the Blessings from Heaven
To come to you will here on Earth
For you are here on this earth
Dealing with life after life of rebirth

Always learning ,always growing
and somewhere in you always knowing
that time you had in Heaven
 which you have still in your soul

And if you really believe
You can go there for a while
And bring some of that blissful energy
To come to you and allow those blessings to be

For we can bring Heaven to Earth
and the Angels and the Guardians are all there
helping us in so many ways each day
to bring that light from the source into everything we do

So allow the Blessings from Heaven
To come to you in so many ways
Perhaps while looking at the sunrise
Or a sunset at the end of busy day

And together we can Dream
How we can bring a little Heaven to Earth
And make this planet a place Peace
So the power of  love and light  show us our true worth