Saturday, July 12, 2014

Love Yourself

Love Yourself

And if you would love me
Love yourself, as I love you
And if you would love others
Love as I love too.

Open your heart to your brothers and sisters
And see with the constant unconditional Love
that is always waiting there
It will help you to forgive all you’ve been through here.

And if you would follow in my footsteps
That path that you would create
Holds  a faith in God
And the faith that this path as it takes you home.

It  leads you on the way
To the lessons that you need to find
 How your life was simply a way to be
A life that served in love for me.

So find the love that you need
 that will guide you through eternity
as a pilgrim on the path
and a disciple of God’s perfect energy.

And receive the light of God’s great love
That will guide your heart to find
A love that lives forever
And forever is a long, long time.

This is the gift I offer to you
To Dwell in this love divine
And to love yourself, as I love you
and the answer you will find
to just live as in love as one
is the answer to peace for all of humankind