Thursday, July 10, 2014

This Gift of Loving Energy

Oh this Gift of Loving Energy
That moves me to believe
In the power of Miracles
That bring such blessings to receive

For what but love can bring to us
The strength to truly live
With the strength of compassion
that allows us the empathy to forgive

And it is this loving energy
That feeds our hearts and souls
And embraces us as humans
With the teachings of the Master to know

This breath on breath that brings us life
That with moment comes a new opportunity
From the very source of light
To use this energy to open our heart and grow.

So we can see past the ego
And keep on the path that’s right
As we live out the human drama
in the Dharma’s wheel of time

with the gift of Divine Love as we take
To use as the plan behind our human needs
As it brings us to awaken
To the love that is the Source of all Creations dream