Friday, August 1, 2014

see the Good in all

Long have you wished
To be with God Again
And Now is the time to find
God presence here on Earth

To allow your self to be
 with the Energy of the Love that is alive
Here in this Creations Dream
that is the very foundation of everything

and in this way you can be
the living Bridge that brings
Heaven to Earth in the merging
For with spirit no separation is seen

Then you will see as the Masters do
With the blessings of God’s Love
is alive here when you choose
to see the Good in life always there in truth

When are in God’s presence here
You can be  with the good that all souls bring
Here to this field of Creations energy
Of which you are one with everything

So open your heart and mind
And choose to see the good
That is alive in every moment of time
For so many are here to helping to make things right

And so many who are saying prayers
To help those in lost in suffering in fear.
So Choose to see God’s love each day
So Choose to see the Master way

To know the true potential in each soul
For each to live and learn and grow
And long to love all as God does love
And so merge the blessings of Heaven and know

It is all one creations dream
And we can learn to love all it brings
When we choose to love the good in life
We are part of God presence in love and light