Sunday, August 3, 2014

My lord is A living Presence of Love

I had a facebook friend send me this message
Dear Cindy, I want to share this bit of information with you. In John 14:5-6 after Thomas asked Jesus, "Lord, we know not whiter thou goest; and how can we know the way"? Jesus replied, "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me". Jesus is the gateway to the Father, this is important to know and to study. I give you this scripture because I see you have a heart for God. Know Jesus and you will know the Father. Please, I hope you are not offended by this, I give it to you with love. Salvation for your soul only comes thru Jesus, the Gospel of John lays this out. Add to your knowledge and heart to serve. A friend in Christ, 
AND it was interesting because this morning I had just written a poem about my love for Christ I have been guided by Christ many times to love God as he Loved God, I love Christ as my teacher and Master, and I try to love God as he did
I heard the bell toll on Sunday morn
With and old familiar sound of Grace
As here I sit in my place to pray
And commune with the Lord in my own way

For my Master is always there for me
And when I call upon him
I know he is there
 To lead me out of the darkness and despair

My lord is a living Light
And When I am still I feel his Presence
With a love that is Divine
A Love that is there for all humankind

And his love brings such compassion everyday
And shows us how to understand and forgive
As he forgave and came to save
And we can follow in his footsteps to guide us on the way

My lord is alive and here with me
His love is merged in my soul so deep
And his grace is always there to set me free

He carries the power to let us see
That we can do the work to serve with kind deeds
And so fulfill the promise we made
When we began the path and saw the need

So I thank the lord with all my heart
For there are so many lessons I have learned
As a disciple who has fallen again and again
And still needs so much to do my part

My Lord is a living light inside of me
And his grace guides me constantly
My lord teaches me to try to love all as did he
And to live as he did to be redeemed

And when the bell tolls I smile
And I send my blessings that I find
Out to those who might be in need
And I ask for his presence to be with me