Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Queen of Angels Face

The Queen of Angels Face

The Queen of Angels face
Holds the infinite grace
Of compassion a holy space
Her beauty such Divinity holds
That the heart opens to the Glory
So this presence in you can unfold

The Queen of Angels comes
With the gift of a healing power
With the deepest understanding
and an inner gift of great peace

And you can find a way to forgive
And you can find the grace you need
To find the wonder of redemption
And the gift of miracles to heal

See the angels who surround her
See the crown of stars that God placed
Upon her head as a blessing
from the highest Halls beyond Heavens gates

and see infinity in her eyes
and the smile of love so Bright
let the radiant rays of light
embrace you and bring you to a holy place

the blessings that she offers
bring such hope and care
if you but ask this holy presence will be there

let the wonder fill your soul
feel her power through all of time and space
See the Queen of Angels there with you
And look in wonder at her loving face