Monday, August 11, 2014

thE Queen of Heaven Grace

The Queen of Heaven

Melt away the walls that you have built from fear
With a breath release all of your worries and cares
And open up your inner eyes to see
The Queen of Heaven Grace reach out to you
To offer you great peace

She comes in radiant rays of Brilliant Light
With a host of angels at her side
And the love she offers you
Holds the power of healing so divine

And you can now forgive
The ancient sorrows you once did find
You are surrounded by the great love of God
And you are now feel  blessings so divine

Nothing lacking, nothing to do
Just to be in the Holy presence here
And it heals you and you are so grateful
Of the Blessed Mothers care

And she offers out her hand
And gives you a radiant globe of Gold
It’s holds the Gift of love for the world
And the power of infinite light

Take it in your hand
And let it fill your life
With the sweetest of loves delight

You can now offer this globe of Gold to the One
And let it’s light pour forth over the world
And see how the power or forgiveness
Is possible for all and can be found
And then bring it back
And place deep within your heart
And know it always will be there for you
And you are now a part
Of the Love of the Queen of Heaven
And her protection is there for you to always find
And your fears are all now gone
And there are really no worries or cares
You are joined with the infinite One’s name
And the souls perfect Domain.