Wednesday, August 13, 2014



Here in the World of Dreams
It is so easy get lost
In the veils of illusions that we create
As we try to get the world to give us what we need

This world holds such heavy energy
And there are so many trying hard to succeed
and to really bring a little Heaven to Earth
May take great compassion it seems

For there are so many seeking
Who are lost in time and space
And there are those who are confused
By the rules and the reasons life make

So stop and take the time to pray
And ask the Holy Mothers help
And ask for some compassion
For those who are suffering each day

Yes, we need to have Compassion
And we need to find a better way
To stop the ego from controlling us
When we think are better than others who share this space

So ask for a little compassion
 It’s a gift that the Holy Mother brings
And with compassion come the power to understand
That we are one in spirit with everything

There is such grace in giving
That energy that heaven shares
It lets us a way to forgive and release
The judgments so we can truly care