Thursday, August 14, 2014

Call upon the Angels

When you are tired and weary
And there is still so much left to do
Call upon the Angels
And they will help to see you through

They are there to Guide you
And they will lend a helping hand
Just trust in God and ask for help
To get what you need done

In the world today
so many are being called upon
To do all that they can do
To help others walk the pathway on

For this is the time of preparation
This is the bringing of the of the new Dawn
And so often we might feel
there is not enough time to get our work done

So call upon the angels
And the guardians of the Way
Call upon the Blessed Mother
To be with you today

And though you may be tired
Just take the time to pray
And breathe in blessings of God’s Light
That is always present come what may

And throw off all negative thoughts
And let the worries just go
Call upon the Queen of angels and the Lord
And great blessings you will know