Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Heavenly Blue

Heavenly Blue
The light that holds heavens floor
Translucent is the vision
to see across distant shore

A blue that holds the Mother’s light
And the stars that there abide
A circle of 12 surround her head
And bring their brilliance cross the sky

Bring that radiant light forth
Bring it to that inner space
As a circle that can spiral forth
As a ray to heal and bring you to such grace

Receive the angels blessings
That the Queen of Angels Brings
Commit your self to serve the one
That the Holy Mother sees

Make a vow to serve with love
And dedicate yourself to be
One who works to help the world
To live the way of Peace

Heavenly Blue Light
Let your blessings be
And bring the grace of God
Here to us to set us free

Deliver us your glory
Deliver us your grace
Let the heavenly blue bring forth
The Crown of Stars to shine upon us
Throughout all time and space