Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pray for Peace

Pray for peace

When the forces of darkness are battling
The light and the higher way
Then it’s time to call upon the power of love
that is a choice for us to use each day

Love is the only solution
And with it forgiveness can be
For Love is the true resolution
That will finally set you free

Friend of the One great Spirit
Brothers and sisters of the light
The time has come to pray for peace
We need to work together to set the world right

Pray for Peace for world is weary
And there is far too much hatred at work here
Pray for peace it’s the only solution
To bring an end to the killing and fear.

Pray for Peace from that place inside you
And ask for good will to come
With everyone’s cooperation
There has to be some understanding found

When there are those who hold the power
To wish to do great harm
We have to realize only death and destruction comes
From those who wish to fight with arms

War is not the answer
It has never been and will never be
We need to find a way to end the conflict
We need to pray for peace

May a little more love come into all hearts
May a little more understanding be found
May good will be our tool and intention
So we can find a way for love’s higher ground

Pray for peace, brothers and sisters
For in truth we are all one
And when we find that peace within
We can share it with Love til our work is done