Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Mystic Dance

Through the swirling stars
That dance like Van Gogh’s dreams
There is a certain strange mystery
That entices me to want to still believe

That there is this infinite gift of time and space
Which we can use to create and be
The magicians who ask to receive
and absorb and the Spirit we breathe

and this precious soul that is there
through all of our many lives
as we are drawn between dark and light
and this strange experience of life

And that soul brings this light forth
And carries the Spirit so Divine
With this exquisite beauty that is so hard to define
Which could be why everyday I always try and try

And this life that is given to us
To choose how we experience what we want to be
All just part of the Mystic dance as we fly
With the invisible partner we can’t quite reach

Yet if we spin and swirl like a dervish
Through this universal dream
And surrender to the divine mystery
One day the stars will sing to us

And we might be blessed to finally hear
That elusive heavenly music of the spheres
And we can leave the dream behind
And awaken to our true self that is the dreamer of the dream