Thursday, August 28, 2014

the sound of light

As the Light slips between the veils of time
There is a certain subtle whisper
A certain smile and a special vibe

Perhaps it’s the breath of an angel
Or the opening to a greater mind
That we can touch if we really try

Yet, how silent we must be
To capture this sweet sacred energy
That comes if we call from our soul
With such a precious sound to know

It’s there as our true one reflection of life
with a mirror that is infinite
and far beyond our limited sight
yet here for all to shine and ignite
with  atoms of energy so Bright
yes, we can harness them
and let the experience of life
take the power and the sparks we make
with every single moment in time and space
til somehow we choose to decide

how we use this gift of life
and how we share this energy
and the love that ever holds it for us to be
able ask the ones on a higher plane
what is our purpose so we can have a clue
How we can get past ourselves
And find a way to do
What we can to make some difference
For the better while we are here

And the light slips softly through the veils
And the angels watch and guard the way
And if we are silent we just might hear
The sound of light as it appears
And then in a moment we merge with it here