Friday, August 29, 2014

what spark could light that star

What spark could light that star
That shines from so far
Yet somehow still manages to reach me here
and speaks a universal language as it appears

And what creates those clouds across the sky
That come like those thoughts that cross my mind
And they can hide the light of those billions of stars
And they can distract my presence of a soul to find

So I burn away the clouds with a breath
that sweeps away the thoughts in my mind
and a reach and draw back the cover
that hides God’s precious energy

And I open up my heart and ask to receive
The love that is the perfect fire
Of God’s amazing grace
And the masters sacred teachings

And here we all are
In this miraculous space and time
With the stars dancing with their mystic fire
And the sparks that catch me to remind

We are all one in this light of creation
Made with the source that brought this amazing energy
So we  can look up and have the memory and wish upon a star
And find it’s all here inside