Thursday, September 4, 2014

Life's Lessons

Take all of the pearls of wisdom
And put them to work in your life
Take all the lessons you’ve learned 
And use them as tools to share your souls light

For your life is not a distraction
You are not here to escape
But to enjoy  so you can learn to embrace
Life, love the problems and the answers
 the experience and the time here among the  human race

and though the burdens you carry may seem heavy
you can always lay them down at the Lords feet
and surrender your will to God’s will
to find a way to see a greater meaning

so have faith beloved
for you will survive the lessons that you need
and will learn and gain from these experiences
lthough they may feel hard to release

let the power of the Angels and the Master come to you
and you will find there is help at hand
and you will be stronger and wiser
and you will have the power to carry on

so take the gifts your were given
and use them as you may
to get to a better place
and you know that will find a way
to live with God’s grace love and