Friday, September 5, 2014

hope on the Horizon

There is Hope on the Horizon
As I look out to the distance to see
Past the storm clouds there is a golden light
The breaking of the new dawn is shining through to me

There is a certain freshness on the land
And the rain has washed the earth clean
And I feel such great understanding now
From all the lessons I have learned to fulfill my destiny

There is hope on the horizon
And it leads me past the illusions and despair
For with ever dream comes an awakening
To a greater reality waiting for us to share

And if we can stop and be quiet
And go deep within and pray
And if we can have faith and just believe
There always comes new and brighter day

And from a higher plane of being
There are angels who watch and help us to see
If we can surrender to God’s love
His light will guide us eternally

That there is hope on the horizon
Past the darkness with the vision to see
this path that leads us past hard times
And to a new and brighter reality.