Saturday, September 6, 2014


Yes, Yes, Yes
Forgive yourself right now
forgive yourself beloved
and don’t let the darkness disappear

Just ask the Lord for forgiveness
And know you are forgiven if you just believe
know that you are worthy in God’s eyes
To be filled with his forgiveness if you are open to receive

You must be able to release the past
And realize the mistakes you made
Were all lessons to learn and grow from
To gain compassion for what others do and say

So pack up all your worries
And say goodbye to all those cares
Let all those things that brought you down
Just slip away my dear

And start with a new Beginning
On this journey that you began so long ago
And believe with Faith that God will guide you
And his light will guide you on the way to go

And when you forgive yourself
You can learn to forgive others too
And when you forgive others
God’s love can shine through you

Yes, Yes, Yes Forgiveness is the Key
Forgiveness how the power to set the past free
So you can learn to love again
And find that you are truly healed.