Wednesday, September 10, 2014

the Holy Chalice

The  Breath of the Holy Chalice

Could you be the very breath of the Holy Chalice
Could you hold the spirit of that love divine
Can you reach up and take the cup that was offered
And receive the light from heaven that is yours to find

Can you drink the sweetest nectar
From the fountain at the secret Source
Can you believe that you are really able
To be the one who understands humanity’s course

For we are the ones who listen
We are the ones who hear the call
We are the messengers of the light
And we are here to share these messages with all

We can be the breath of Spirit
For we are here to bring that spirit forth
We have been given the gift of God
To birth the creations dream into form

The Chalice holds the blessings
As does the Mother to the Child
And we are all the children of God
Searching for a way to be reborn

So breathe the breath of Spirit in
And reach for the holy Chalice of Love
And let the sacred waters pour forth
Through you to bring the blessings from above

We are here as Spirit in form
This is the miracle life can bring
We have the power to stand at the alter
And let these blessings be

Take a moment to believe
This power you hold in your soul is true
And know that you are worthy
To live with God’s Love within the heart of you