Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Come now Holy Dove

Silhouettes of flocks of birds fly
across the softness pink of the  morning sky
the holy dove of spirit circles
with greetings from the soul on high

Come now the bells of dawn
And ring so loud and true
Let me here your calling
And help it guide me to God’s love so true

And a strange soft smile flutters
And brings my heart delight
With the gift of possibilities
That comes with dawns soft light

The Holy gift of spirit comes
And fills my body and soul
It Infuses my very mind
To see now the chariot of hope

To Carry me to the place
That awaits the journey on
It hold the secrets of life
And the echoes of loves sweet song

As Angels of the morning
Whisper words to me
To allow me hear promises
that me the strength to believe

There is a beauty so sublime
In this life we are given to see
There is a blessing offered by the Holy Mother
with a vision offered to me

and here in this hotel room
on the river Limmat
I feel such gratitude for life
And the chance to really live it.