Saturday, September 20, 2014

to light a flame

The eternal flame
As I light my candle
In the at the break of dawn
I wonder if there are others out there
Lighting their candles to guide them on

And If I light the embers
 of the fire inside of me
can that spark be fed
in you as well eventually

For we are all part of the one
That comes from the source of time and space
And we are part of the greatest light
That brings life to this place

And if I light my candle
Can you see the flame
Is there a part of me that burns
In my soul in God’s great name

If  I understand some reason
That I’m really here
Can you somehow find a way
To find your way to be more clear

There is a deep connection
In this gift of life we share
And before our time is done here
We can find the truth inside that’s always waiting there

And so I light my candle
And ask for my prayers to be set free
To guide the way for others path
To be found more easily
 For there is an eternal flame
That burns in God’s great name
And though I may never meet you
I sense your presence will remain