Sunday, September 21, 2014

A feather from the dove of peace

From the Holy Dove of Peace
Comes a feather that falls
To take and hold on to
And carry to the place of hope for all

And the still point that is the resource
Of all light and love
Comes the source of understanding
From where this peace began

Accept there is this world of strife
Accept that we together we can change
To release the anger and the hatred
And see the other side as one again

For love has always been stronger by far
Than the darkness of illusion
That chains us and that bar
The truth that will one day win in the end

And in time we will find forgiveness
Holds the power and the secret key
And it will open up the heart
To finding the way to live in peace

It is possible to find that place within
Where we can discover the power of the way
To be still and be at peace
And from that point be still and stay

And the blessings of each finding
A way to find the holy dove
And hold the feather of hope
And let the world healing begin.