Friday, September 26, 2014


Reflections on trip to Prague

Now I face the gaping hole
Hiding so deep in my gut
Now I feel the emptiness of the heart
And understand the need to forgive and begin again

Long have I been riding
The horse that died so long ago
Dealing with issues unholy
By hiding the secrets deep in my soul
This need for acceptance,
This need to be loved
Needing so much more
Than I could ever sustain

Holding on to the illusions
That led my right back
to forgiving you and myself
 and all of that hidden pain

Now I am ready to accept
And to delve deep into the past
And reach that heart of understanding
And the inner child whose heart was denied
That needs to now speak and have a new start

Can I finally accept and see it all
the good and the bad and all of who I am
to face myself and say Yes
it’s ok, this is me and forgive myself
and love what it took to reach this place
so I can forgive the past and begin again.

And I can learn to love it all
And so love others too
And realize we are all sculpted by life
And the love it takes to see us through
And I appreciate the infinite compassion
And what it took to survive
And I thank God and the angels and Masters
who helped me and where always there by my side

Now I face the gaping hole
And I turn and face my life
And see the love and compassion
At work in each of our lives.