Sunday, September 28, 2014


If He gave his Beauty for us to see
As a prelude to eternity
Would we stop long enough to be
Alive in this gift that would set us free

If He gave us his Heart of Love here on earth
And brought it to that place
Where you could find it in yourself
Would you be able to accept it’s true worth

If you could Humble yourself see
We are all here to live and learn
From each other and serve
This love as our true destiny

Could you open up our arms
And embrace this holy grace
And say Yes to it all
And make it your purpose to embrace

And could you lay aside the illusions
Long enough to understand
That we are here to pursue
A greater purpose for all humankind

If he asked you to follow him
Would you be able to say yes
And walk in the shoes of the fisherman
And find a higher pathway

If he came to you and offered
His love as your true way
Could you accept that love for all
And make it your path to follow today

And perhaps there are legions who are ready
To find the light within
And join as one great force for God
And live together as one today

If you can just believe this is possible
take the time to go into the silence
and find the power to hope and pray
to guide you on the path to love each and everyday