Monday, September 29, 2014

the Answer is Love

The answer to everything is love
Always remember this special key
And if you ever come to a time in life
Where there is conflict and confusion
choose love and let it set you free

For Love is always the answer
Love is our source and our true friend
And when the ego would bring you down
Just open your heart to the love that never ends

The answer to everything is love
So take the time to be still and pray
For loves solution to bring Peace
And let it help you find a better way

So open up your heart of hearts
And let the love light in
Open up that place inside
Where the soul resides on that you can depend

And if your ever  lost and weary
And things just don’t seem right
Call upon God’s love
And let it bring you to the light

For the Answer is always Love
choose that love and you’ll see
the greatest gift from God is love
Let that love guide you and set you free