Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Who Am I

This is what I am……..
Nothing, everything, beyond definition
Beyond restrictions
Here, not here
And finding all of this a contradiction

I am here, in the I am that I am
Spirit here working through this form in time and space
Waiting for the truth of truth
And laughing at the possibilities that it encases

Illusions come and disappear
Slipping softly through the atmosphere
What was then
No longer can hold the present and allow the now
Or anything other than the soul’s brave light

And the moment that calls so strong
This is what I am!
Still undefined
After years and years of trying
It’s still kinda dakine

If I put it down here
Will it disappear
Or will it just be a reflection
 from some other strange universe so near

can I ever fulfill my true destiny
and make some difference
and let it all be

or just accept the I am that I am you don’t see
so many infinite pieces of such a strange mystery….
Just this, just now,
Whatever you wish that’s what it is
Yet that’s not quite all somehow.