Wednesday, October 1, 2014

the Movie of your life

How would you have produce the Movie of your life?
What if God was the Director
Would you live a different light

And what role do you play in this movie
And yes you are the lead
Would it be a comedy or drama
Or some thrilling mystery

And oh to choose the actors
Who play out the various parts
all the heroes and some villains
And what drives their hidden hearts

How do you see your self
And what would motivate this play
And can you find the answers
that to make the words mean what you say

who would write the script
and what visuals could the cinematographer see
that would really catch the power of life
and the absolute gift of this worlds beauty

in this play of light and dark
in the dharma of the lessons it imparts
how do you really capture
and express what is to be said

about life in just an hour and half
of time when it is a lifetime you present
and who would pay the piper
and produce this film you make

Is God able to pay for the whole shebang
In the movie that you make?

Yet here it all is for you live
And it’s so much better this way
For you are living the movie of your life
And it’s there for you to learn from everyday