Friday, October 3, 2014



What does it take to really Enjoy your life?
Today it occurred to me
How I’ve often felt ,
though I suppressed it, always just a little guilty

bubbling under the surface
there is a sense I need to hide
any of the moments of happiness
or joy that might be lurking in my soul’s abide

perhaps I’m secretly worried
that it would be taken the wrong way
while others have so many problems
how dare I have the nerve enjoy my day

and so I take on the burdens
that other people feel
and lower my head
and wear the cloak of their grief

I was taught so long ago
That it’s not nice to feel good
When there are so many
People with a world of problems out there

But for God’s Sake
I realized today that God is good
And he has been kind enough
to share his blessings with me in oh so many ways

And if I take the time to enjoy life
It really is a kind of way
of smiling and saying thank you, God
for the gifts you give each day

It does not mean that I don’t feel compassion
For I think I really do
But Now it seems so true that by enjoying life
I’m seeing the Good in Creation
And all that God has Given me with his blessings, too