Monday, October 6, 2014

The nameless One

The Nameless One

there is no Word to define the God that I have found
Although I seem to always try and often think I’m profound
For God is my very Breath
My very being and my life
The all, the nothing, the source, and the light

The love, the reason, and the goodwill
The force that creates the day and the night
And you can not take his name in vain
For it is hidden and is secret
Hidden in the book of life as a symbol
unspoken and that always remains

The nameless one, the source of all
Alive in every atom of life that recalls
The Divine, the Presence, The One
That lives beyond and within the holy halls

Living in the love we give
And the life we love
Here right now in this moment
Is that energy that we can share
This existence alive in us all that cares

Here right within you
So infinite, and so very small
For we are all made from this living energy
Far beyond a word we can comprehend
With us now and until the end

There is always the gift of
The Great I am that I am