Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Anatomy of the Soul

What is the Anatomy of the Soul?
This vibrant field of unlimited energy
That I am so drawn to understand and know
Like the moth to the flame
The very breath of my life
This oh so familiar silent place

What is the fabric and the geometry
That makes up this dimension to which I’m drawn
I feel the love and the power
Behind it’s infinite sound

Is love is the soul of all things
from my soul I feel a love so profound
All part of the oneness of this life
That teaches us to use compassions hand

The spark of spirit a Holy grace
 from the depths of the heart
As it reaches through space
The soul can save us when we fall
And bring us back again to this place

What is the anatomy of the soul
And how do we balance it with matter here
To walk the path of the Masters
 and live with our human fears

Let it be my beacon
Let it guide my way
To live with love and understanding
As I allow soul to teach me of love each day.