Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Circles of Life

The Circles of Life

We are carried through life
On these circles within circles of energy
All spinning in the dark and light
Through the spiral of infinity

And we see the sun rise and set
And we watch the moon touch us
With her rays that shimmer so white
With no beginning or end in the cosmic net

For the wheel is turning
Captured by clocks with their exact time
keeping us in line while spinning
within these circles of life we find

From the halo of the Angel
From the Seed to the Womb
And the Chalice of the Divine Mother
 in the Holy light of the moon

Our Planet that circles round the sun
dancing through the Constellations in space we are one
Balanced in this perfect push and pull
Of Spirit and matter as it comes and goes

And it rises and falls
With a such mysterious glow
That speaks to center beyond control
As ever onward we travel in time as we go

Through circles that float
And Bubbles that fly
Islands in space
Ripples in time

Carried by what we still seek to know
The questions will always be asked
As we wonder and watch from our souls
The never ending circle of universe into the great unknown