Monday, October 13, 2014

this holy Grace

Can you see the Beauty
Of the grace that Blesses you when you pray
Can you embody the Spirit
That brings this gift your way

Can you really feel
The good that God does bring
With the presence of the holy Mother
 and the compassion
that holds us in the light of our Being

You are part of this one Light
You are part of the holy heart
That holds us all in such a loving space
As we find our way through the illusion of this earthly place

Can you see the Beauty
Of the light surrounding you
And the grace that comes and blesses us
That is forever is there to help and renew

Can you really see the way
That she does see into the depths of our hidden heart
To help us when we are in need
And save us with the smile she brings

For there is such a purity
and there is this holy glow
That she extends out to us
As she blesses us with her offerings

If we can love ourselves enough
To forgive the mistakes we’ve made
We can feel the compassion and the power
to live with the love it takes

so ask for the amazing grace
to come and hold you tight
and bring the blessings of Divine love
feel it deep inside your heart
so that you can be healed
Just find a way to believe
You can make a brand new start.