Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A meditation with the Master

Meditation with the Master

Find your quiet place to meditate.
Light a candle if possible.
Breathe in very deeply and go into a state of communion with the Lord.
Call upon the Presence of Jesus Christ to come and be with you.
Believe this is possible.
Say “Come to me my Lord and Master, Come deep into my heart right now.”
See and feel his Holy energy right there with you.
If you have a picture you love of Jesus have it in front of you and look deeply into his eyes. See the love that he sees in you. See his eyes looking into your soul.

Let this love pour over you with waves of light and feel it filling your body, mind and soul.
Breathe in this energy, breathe it in deeply and let it heal and renew you.
Let it bring a smile to your face.
Feel it planting seeds of this love into your very being to there grow and blossom.

Feel your self being held in the Christ’s loving embrace. Lay your head on his heart Ask for forgiveness for any harm or hurt your have caused your self or others. And let yourself be reborn and healed of all past errors and mistakes.
You are forgiven, you are healed in your heart you are renewed and restored in this very moment with the Lords blessings upon you.

Know his love is always there for you to call upon.
Breathe this in and believe this is possible.
 Come back to your normal living environment and give great thanks to the Lord for this moment of merging with his Divine Presence.

Know that by living with his love you can love and forgive others as he does.
And you can be loved for who you truly are.
He is there for you now and always, even unto the end of time.

Thank you Christ, thank you God for this great gift you bring us.