Wednesday, October 15, 2014

seamless seam, awakening dream

Go Beyond the Separation
Find the seamless seam
Slip into the majesty
Of a cosmic dream

Follow this now moment
That we always will redeem
experience the presence
Of the Light of the soul

Stop and feel the preciousness
And allow the magic to blossom and grow
Let it fill your body
And believe the healing has begun

Bathe your self in the beauty
Of the holy energys pure song
As you go beyond all separation
And let your spirit be
And Breathe in deep the power
Of the oneness of it all
When you awaken from the dream
You will discover you are at last free

For you are part of the cosmos
Created from its reflection here
And the universe will claim you
When you return there evermore

Slip into the silence
Beyond all space and time
And be present there with God
In the light of the universal mind