Monday, October 20, 2014

Beloved Mother

Holy Mother of Divine Feminine Love,
The one who Believed enough
To deliver to us His Son
Let your grace guide us on the work to be done

Allow us to merge
This spirit and form
For through you it was possible
That the Saviour was born

When the angels came and visited you
And brought to you their Heavenly news
You opened your heart and so could receive
The transforming power to set us all free

Holy Mother the one who in heaven Dwells
Deliver us now
And bring healing to all those
Who need the your Divine love

Let our lives help others
As you do each day
Let us believe that Miracles can come
to all those who call to you and pray

You lived with the Glory
You lived with the pain
You knew the purpose
And brought to us the way

For we can be reborn if we truly believe
To a new and better life
And with your compassion and forgiveness
We know this can be

Holy Mother, blessed one of God
And let us feel the power your love can bring
and with love we praise you
with these words we sing

Thank you to the Highest
We thank you and we pray
That we may with Grace be guided
to bring Heaven to earth someday