Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Breathe in Hope

Breathe in Hope Beloved
Let it be alive in you
God’s love is there inside of you

Breathe in Hope, Breathe it deep
Let the Miracle of it fill you now
Come and bring the truth
To depths within that are so profound

Even if it seems
That life can bring you down
There is so much more to the whole
that is happening in the eternal now

Let God’s goodness bless you
Let it see you through
Claim the power you have that is hidden
And pray for the Master to see you through

There is that timeless heart of hope
That you can call on right now
And God is right inside your soul
listen to words of wisdom that tell

You need not be lost
In the darkness and the pain
Breathe in hope beloved
Believe Miracles are possible in God’s holy name