Friday, October 24, 2014


World Goodwill Seminar sat. oct. 25th

Imagine a World where we all work as one
Working together for the good of all
yes, it already has begun

There are seeds have been planted
And the blossoms have been seen
You can almost breathe the fragrance
Of the brother and sisterhood who hold the dream

Imagine a world where we serve
The positive energy of Goodwill
And we let that energy motivate us
And we use it everyday

When see the good in others
We can see the God in all
And monitor our thoughts
To block the negativity’s call

And the Light of the soul can guide us
And we set our intentions every day
To work with love and understanding
And let kindness be our way

For Goodwill is God’s will
And with it there are countless blessings that exist
for as we blesse others
We find what God’s love really is

Imagine a world where good lives
And with it we have the secret key
For good will holds the answer
To bring us Understanding and Peace