Sunday, October 26, 2014

A new Foundation

From the highest point of the soul
To very base of your life
Let the energy be transformed
And let healing now be known

As we raise the mind up to the Light
And let the Power of God join with us now
And bring us to what is good and right

As we let that light clear away
The old energies that have held us there sway
The past is past
And we have learned so much
And have built a foundation
To make a new start

And bring us to the integration
Of what we can live with now
To change our lives
And the place our awareness dwells

We ask in this moment to be free
Come Now spirit
Let your pure energy bring us its Blessings

Come into the heart of hearts
Let the healing work find its way
From that highest point we connect to within
To the way we live our lives each day